If you are a provider of services and would like to solicit to our company, we ask that you please review the following policy and procedures. Those who do not follow this policy will not be considered. This policy does not apply to providers or vendors who we currently do business with.

This policy is so that providers understand what are services that we will consider, and what we will not consider, so you can better focus on another organization who may be more suited for your services.

We do not accept any solicitation from any company whose primary offering is the following services:

  • Online Marketing Services

  • Social Media Services

  • Online Review Management or Removal Services

  • Online Directories

  • Managed IT Services

In addition, we generally only consider services that are relevant to the construction industry, and that would be a clear and relevant product or service that would be of benefit to our company.

Regardless of any service being solicited, the following behaviors will not be accepted, and doing so will immediately be cause for no consideration whatsoever

  • Repeatedly appearing at our office without prior arrangements

  • Repeated unwanted phone calls to our office

  • Refusal to identify one’s affiliation with an organization

  • Refusal to leave a message

Providers who repeatedly contact our office by any means after receiving a rejection from us are subject to other actions including, but not limited to:

  • Blocking of all known phone numbers and email addresses

  • Refusal of entry to our offices

  • Report to applicable government bodies

If you feel that your services meets our criteria for consideration, please only send one message to info@mkhouseconsulting.com, or complete the form one time on the “Contact Us” page. If your services are selected for consideration, we will follow up with you. We do not respond to every request, if you do not receive a response within 48 hours, please consider this as a rejection.

Thank you for your cooperation with our policy.